Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  1. First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH!  to everyone who has blogged about my new home!  I am slowly finding some of my old readers (you have no idea how nice it is to hear people actually 1) realized I was gone and 2) actually missed me) and I'm even getting new readers.  Somehow I've gotten 11 new followers in the last two weeks.  That is more than I would normally get in a couple of months!  And it's all because of you guys.  Really, it's so nice that you would take the time to blog about me and I really appreciate it!  Also, if you ever need anything, like for me to link to you, vote for you in a contest, etc I'm your woman!!
  2. I need some help re-working some of my buttons and also some of my headers on the blog.  I've got no skills so I'm happy to pay someone.  Anyone out there good with this kinda stuff?
  3. I found this neat blog where she links to current blog giveaways and contests.  It's HERE if you are a contest enterer (that's not a word actually but you get the idea).  I used to enter contests all the time before kids.  I won a lot of stuff and it was super fun.  I wish I had more time to do it again because if you set aside just a little time every day then slowly you will find you win more and more!
  4. I am getting interviewed by the news today about CardSwap.  I've bought some Christmas presents on there lately but I'm trying to save my money for after Christmas.  That is usually when the most cards are available and for the best prices.  Last year I got an Ikea gift card for almost half off!
  5. I went and saw Breaking Dawn last night in the theater.  A friend had passes so I was her date.  The company was great but the movie kinda sucked.  Actually?  Really sucked.  We both agreed that all the movies have sucked but because we loved the books so much we feel compelled to watch them.  
  6. Speaking of reading I have a few good books on the go and I haven't read in over a month.  This is an all time record for me, and it's horrible.  I'm really busy with work right now and SUPER busy with the vinyl.  Everyone wants vinyl for Christmas!  M and I are going to Whitefish for a few days (with no kids - eek) next week so I'm hoping to relax and really make up for it all.
  7. I have two giveaways on the go right now: THIS ONE for a Scentsy Buddy and today is the LAST day to enter.  And THIS ONE for a free photo shoot with CODIO Photography.  
  8. The grade 7 and 8 kids at Chicken's school (he only goes to preschool but it's attached to the whole Ecole Francophone) slept in cardboard boxes in the parking lot last night.  They did it all to raise money for out local food bank and to give the kids an idea of what it is like to be cold and hungry (ie. homeless).  I think it's amazing the school put it together and I especially think the kids are AMAZING for doing that!!  The best part is the were having a blast when I saw them!  Playing in the snow, yelling and smiling.  Kids are so resilient and strong hey!  You can read more about it HERE
  9. Am I the only person in the world who likes Calliou?  I am thinking of doing a post just to publicly defend him because everyone hates him so much.   Tell me, why do you hate him so much?  
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The Tompkins Family said...

I'm not surprised the Twilight movies suck because the books were atrocious! Not much to work with!

I've heard people complain about their kids liking Calliou but I've never watched. Maybe we'll check out a video during our next library visit!

Those kids are awesome!!!!!

A few days away, have a blast! I'm not going to lie, totally jealous!

Catherine Dabels said...

Do not publicly defend Caillou. It'll force me to publicly condemn him and no one wants that!

The Twilight books were garbage. Awful. Awful Awful. But because I have no standards when it comes to movies I can proudly admit that I really like the movies. I haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet but if it's anything like the book then it will be A.T.R.O.C.I.O.U.S!

And to the kids who slept in cardboard boxes? What were you thinking? Just kidding. This is why kids are the bomb. Because they do crazy stuff and it is amazing and I don't even think they know how amazing they are.

Grown ups are not nearly that awesome.

Danifred said...

I'm pretty indifferent about Calliou, but don't get me started on Max & Ruby. I think there are way worse cartoons out there than Calliou.

I can't believe those kids slept outside, that is pretty darn awesome!